Renting a Pizza Oven: Pros and Cons

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  • Date: September 14, 2023
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Thinking of renting a pizza oven? Its not a bad idea. Outdoor pizza ovens allow you to make restaurant-quality pizza at home.

The extremely high temperatures cook pizza fast with an amazingly crispy crust. But owning a permanent outdoor pizza oven requires a major investment and installation.

The Benefits of Renting a Pizza Oven

Renting an oven is a flexible and budget-friendly way to achieve wood-fired pizza perfection for special occasions.

Amazing Pizza Anywhere

Renting an outdoor oven means you can temporarily install it anywhere – patios, decks, yards, driveways, etc.

No permanent construction required. Rental companies drop off and set up the oven at your location. When the event is over, they pick it back up.

Mobility and Storage

Unlike permanent outdoor kitchens, rental ovens don’t take up permanent space. There’s no long-term storage issue between uses. Just rent for the days you need it and send it back after.

Fast Heat Up

Quality pizza oven rentals utilize advanced materials that heat up incredibly fast – most in 30-90 minutes. This allows you to start making pizza soon after a delivery. Permanent ovens take hours to heat fully.

Professional Models

Rental companies offer pro-style ovens from top brands like Ooni, Gozney, and Marana not available at retail stores. These ovens allow temps up to 800-900°F for perfect crust.

Less Expensive

Buying a pizza oven costs $300 on up to over $3,000 for high-end models. Renting costs between $100-$500 for a multi-day rental. Far more affordable, especially for occasional use.

How to Rent an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Renting a pizza oven is easy and convenient when you follow these steps:

1. Research Local Pizza Oven Rental Companies

Search for “pizza oven rental {your city}” to find rental options in your area. Larger metro areas will have more choices. Look at their website or call to get specifics on ovens, delivery range, costs, etc.

2. Pick an Oven Model

Browse the available oven models to choose one that fits your needs in size, fuel type, heat output, etc. Consider how many pizzas you need to make per hour and maximum temperature.

3. Schedule Delivery & Pickup

Decide when you want the oven delivered and schedule a pickup date. Weekend rentals are common for 2-4 days. Make sure someone will be at home to receive the oven and assist with setup.

4. Prepare Your Site

Clear a space of at least 3 feet around where the oven will sit. Have a level surface ready, ideally concrete, stone or pavers. Review safety and clearance requirements.

5. Receive Delivery/Setup

The oven will arrive on a truck or trailer. The delivery crew will unload and place the oven in your selected spot, assembling any parts and demonstrating use.

6. Make Amazing Pizza!

Once setup is complete, wait for the oven to fully preheat. Then you’re ready to start making wood-fired pizzas with beautiful leoparding crust!

7. Schedule Pickup

After your last pizza party, schedule a pickup time for oven breakdown and loading back onto the truck. Provide any feedback to improve future rentals.

What to Look for in a Rental

Not all pizza oven rentals are created equal. Here are key factors to consider when selecting a rental oven:

Temperature Range

Top pizza ovens reach 850°F+ temps needed for Neapolitan style crust. Make sure the model can hit at least 700°F. Some can only reach 500°F.

Heating Time

Faster heat up is better to start cooking sooner. Quality ovens fully heat in 45-90 minutes. Avoid models taking 2+ hours.


Match the oven size to your expected pizza output. Standard models bake 2-4 pizzas per hour. Larger ovens allow 6-8 per hour for big crowds.

Fuel Options

Many ovens offer dual fuel options like wood/gas or wood/charcoal for flexibility. Wood only works but limits control. Gas/electric require hookups.

Build Quality

Choose a known brand with quality materials like stainless steel that hold heat better. Cheap soft metals warp over time.

Weather Resistance

Outdoor ovens need rain, wind, and weather resistance. Make sure ratings match your climate.


Wheels make it easy to move the oven around your patio or yard. Multi-piece ovens with stands disassemble for portability.

Reviews & Reputation

Read rental company reviews to gauge their reputation, equipment quality, responsiveness, and service. Well-rated vendors ensure a smooth rental.

Steps for Using a Rented Pizza Oven

Once you’ve got a rented pizza oven on site, follow these best practices to utilize it safely and effectively:

1. Fully Preheat

Wait until it reaches the minimum temp, ideally over 700°F. This takes 30-90 mins depending on oven size. Don’t rush it!

2. Prepare Your Dough and Toppings

Make dough 1-2 days ahead and proof in balls. Roll them out while oven preheats. Chop and prepare toppings in batches.

3. Organize Tools

Get your pizza peel, turning peel, oven gloves, tongs, and other tools in place. Have a workspace table nearby.

4. Manage Your Fire

For wood ovens, start small fires in batches to maintain heat without flames burning the crust. Let fires die down between pizzas.

5. Work Fast!

Have toppings and peeled dough ready to load quickly into the hot oven. Bake just 2-3 minutes for Neapolitan style. Repeat for each pie.

6. Monitor Temperature

Watch to make sure heat stays in the optimal 700-900°F pizza baking range. Add more fuel as needed between pizzas.

7. Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

Praise the pizza gods as you pull out bubbly hot pies with beautiful leopard charring – the sign of success!

Safety Tips

While fabulous pizza is the goal, safety should be your first priority when operating a super hot pizza oven:

  • Keep children and pets away
  • Wear oven mitts and goggles
  • Avoid touching hot surfaces
  • Don’t overload with fuel
  • Have fire tools nearby
  • Allow oven to cool fully before moving

Follow all provided safety instructions. Never leave an oven unattended when in operation.

Troubleshooting Common Problems When Renting a Pizza Oven

Even great ovens have hiccups. Here are some quick solutions for potential issues:

Oven Won’t Heat Fully:

  • Add more fuel and give it time
  • Ensure vents/airflow aren’t blocked
  • Try a different fuel type

Pizza Burning Too Quickly:

  • Turn down oven temp if possible
  • Use less fuel
  • Bake shorter times per pie

Undercooked Crust:

  • Preheat oven longer
  • Add more fuel to boost temp
  • Cook pizza a minute or two longer

Cracked, Uncooked Crust:

  • Insufficient preheat time
  • Too many toppings weighing crust down
  • Rotate pizza for more even baking

Renting a Pizza Oven for Your Next Celebration

If you love serving up hot bubbly pies, renting makes enjoying a real pizza oven for parties incredibly easy and affordable.

In just a few planning steps, you can have a top-quality oven setup in your backyard ready to bake artisan pizzas to perfection.

Guests will be amazed at your culinary skills pulling piping hot pizzas from these gorgeous ovens. Just be prepared for some very happy, very full guests!

The convenience of rental versus buying makes it the perfect option for occasional use. Consider renting an oven for your next:

  • Family gathering or reunion
  • Kids birthday party
  • Holiday celebration
  • Graduation party
  • Wedding reception
  • Company party or team building event

No more settling for takeout or mediocre pies. Gift your family, friends, or colleagues with a memorable experience of custom wood-fired pizza made right in front of their eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Renting a Pizza Oven

What does it cost to rent a pizza oven?

Typical rental rates are $100 – $500 for a multi-day rental depending on the oven size and features. Larger high-end models cost more.

How far in advance should I reserve a rental oven?

Aim for 1-2 weeks in advance at minimum. More time allows more flexibility in delivery dates. Fridays-Sundays book quickest.

What fuel sources do rental ovens use?

Most models allow wood, wood pellets, or gas fuel. Some also offer charcoal or hybrid options. This provides flexibility.

How long do rental ovens take to heat up?

Quality ovens designed for quick heating will reach pizza temps in 30-90 mins. Avoid models taking 2+ hours to fully heat.

What temperature do pizza ovens need to reach?

Great pizza requires sustained temps of 700-900°F. Make sure the rental model can consistently hit a minimum of 700°F.

How many pizzas can a rental oven make per hour?

Output varies by oven size but expect 2-8 pizzas per hour. Standard home models produce 2-4 pizzas. Larger ovens facilitate 6-8.

Do I need any special equipment for pizza making?

Have a pizza peel, oven mitts, wood/tools for managing the fire, dough, and toppings ready before the oven arrives.

Can the oven get damaged during transportation?

Reputable companies securely strap ovens into trucks to prevent shifting. Inspect upon delivery for any damage.

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