Costco Pizza: What We Love & What We Don’t

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  • Date: September 18, 2023
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Costco Pizza is a fan favorite and for good reason – they’re convenient, delicious, and an unbelievable value.

But ordering a full pizza for pickup or delivery from Costco can be confusing if you’ve only purchased by-the-slice.

Here, we will walk you through everything you need to know to order whole fresh-baked pizzas for any occasion.


Ordering Your Pizza

You have three options for ordering a full Costco pizza:

  1. Call Ahead Calling your local Costco an hour or more before pickup is highly recommended, especially if ordering multiple pizzas or needing the pies at a certain time. You’ll speak to the food court staff directly to place your order. They’ll confirm availability and give you an estimated pickup time.
  2. Order at the Food Court Head to the food court counter and place your order with the staff. They’ll provide an estimated wait time, but call-ahead is better for ensuring prompt pickup.
  3. Order at Checkout You can also get in the regular checkout line and ask the cashier to enter your pizza order. Again, you’ll get an estimated wait time.

For large orders, call-ahead is best to ensure adequate stock and prompt service. Here is the offical resposnes from Costco on how to order a Costco Pizza.

Costco Pizza Options & Pricing

Costco offers two pizza varieties:

  • Cheese: $9.95
  • Pepperoni: $9.95

You can also get half cheese/half pepperoni for $9.95. Individual slices are $1.99 each.

While topping options are limited, the quality is excellent. Costco uses premium ingredients like 100% real mozzarella and sauces made from vine-ripened California tomatoes.

The pizzas are massive 18-inches in diameter – significantly larger than competitors. Each pizza is cut into 12 oversized slices.

Payment Options

You must pay for pizza orders at your warehouse location – payment isn’t accepted over the phone. Here are the payment methods available:

  • Cash: Pay at any checkstand
  • Debit Card: Pay at checkstands, regular self-checkout, or new food court self-checkout kiosks

The new food court kiosks allow you to easily select your pizza order on-screen and pay right there with your debit card. It’s the fastest payment option. Cash and checks are not accepted at the kiosk.

Costco Pizza Pickup Procedures

After paying, proceed to the food court pickup counter with your receipt displaying the order number.

Watch for your number on the display board or listen for staff to call it out. They’ll hand your piping hot pizza right over.

Tips for Large Orders on Costco Pizza

For big orders like catering a party, call at least 24 hours in advance if possible. Give them an estimated pickup time and order size.

This helps ensure they have enough dough prepared and bake the pies at the right time.

You may want to pick up your order at the rear Food Production area rather than the busy food court counter.

For extremely large orders, ask if they can hold the pizzas in a warmer until your event start time.

Costco Pizza Nutrition Information

Costco pizza slices are heavy and loaded with cheese – each slice ranges from 650 to 710 calories. The pies are best enjoyed occasionally in moderate portions.

Here are the nutrition basics per slice:

  • Cheese Pizza: 710 calories, 37g fat, 17g protein
  • Pepperoni Pizza: 650 calories, 35g fat, 21g protein

So should you go for cheese or pepperoni? For a bit less fat and more protein, opt for pepperoni. But cheese lovers will be satisfied with the generous melted mozzarella in every bite.

Costco Pizza Taste Reviews

Across the board, Costco pizza earns rave reviews for its taste and quality. The baked-fresh pizzas have the perfect balance of dough, sauce, and toppings.

And the ingredients – like cheese, pepperoni, and sauce – are noticeably high-end.

The only common critique is that the pizza tends to be on the greasier side. But that’s typical of most pizza straight out of the oven.

Overall, Costco pizza consistently impresses in terms of flavor and value. It’s perfect for a quick dinner or feeding a crowd on a budget.

The Convenience of Costco Pizza

In addition to unbeatable value and delicious taste, convenience is a major perk of Costco pizza. There’s no need to wait for delivery. Just pick up your hot pies within minutes on your routine Costco run.

And if you have a large order or need the pizzas ready at a certain time, call ahead for even greater convenience.

Costco does all the work preparing the pizzas – all you have to do is grab them and go along with the rest of your shopping.

Next time you need great pizza at a great price, look no further than your neighborhood Costco. This guide will ensure your pizza order experience is seamless.


What We Love About Costco Pizza

There are many reasons Costco pizza is beloved by members. From Value to speed of ordering and even the taste! Here are the highlights:

Unbeatable Value

It’s hard to find another pizza measuring 18 inches across for just $10 even at your local pizza joint, let alone a national retailer.

Costco doesn’t cut corners – they use premium ingredients but keep costs low with efficient production.

Quick & Hot

You don’t have to wait long for Costco pizza. Orders are typically ready within 30 minutes since they are baked fresh throughout the day. And the pies stay hot since you pick them up yourself straight from the kitchen.

Tasty Ingredients

Costco doesn’t skimp on quality toppings. They use 100% real mozzarella, vine-ripened tomatoes, savory sausage crumbles, and more. Even the sauce tastes like it was made by an Italian grandmother.


No need to wait around for delivery. Just grab your hot pizza anytime you’re shopping Costco. For ultimate convenience, call ahead to have your order ready when you arrive.

Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you aren’t happy with your pizza for any reason, Costco will give you a full refund or replacement. Their risk-free guarantee makes it easy to give their pizza a try.

What to Watch Out For

While Costco pizza has earned a cult following, there are a few things to be mindful of:

Limited Toppings

Don’t expect the topping variety of a traditional pizzeria. You’re limited to either cheese or pepperoni. If you like supreme or Hawaiian pizza, you’ll have to add your own toppings.

Always Fresh-Baked

The flip side of quick baking times is that pies sit for a while before being sold by the slice. For maximum freshness, order a whole pie.


Especially if you let it sit for a while, the cheese solidifies and pools oil. Allow your slices to cool a bit and dab excess grease for the best experience.


With food court staff and ovens varying by location, there can be slight inconsistencies in taste and texture. Find the most reliable Costco for your pizza.

Packed Food Court

If grabbing a quick slice, be prepared for crowds during peak lunch and dinner hours. Opt for pre-ordering whole pies to bypass lines.

While Costco pizza isn’t perfect, the pros heavily outweigh the cons for most. The unbeatable price and convenience of fresh, tasty pizza you can pick up anytime make it a staple for members across the globe.


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