How To Use A Pizza Stone Without A Pizza Peel (Easy Solution)

  • By: Mike
  • Date: July 18, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

So, you have a pizza stone, but you don’t have a pizza peel, what do you do? Can you even use a pizza stone if you don’t have a pizza peel? Let’s sort this out now. 


It’s not a great feeling to invest in a new kitchen toy like a pizza stone, after all, you are about to get some seriously good pizza. 

But, how are you supposed to use the pizza stone if you don’t have a pizza peel? 

It might seem like you are all out of luck and it’s time to spend more money.

I have some good news! You do not need to have a pizza peel or any other fancy tool to use your pizza stone

Here I have outlined a few methods you can use as alternatives to a standard pizza peel and still have amazing pizza home-cooked on your pizza stone!

What Is A Pizza Peel?

A pizza peel is used in baking, it is used to move food out and out of the oven. I find my pizza best when its surface is back hot. In-fact, here is mine:


It is not advisable to put pizza that is raw in cold baking trays, you must have a way of getting the pizza in the hot oven. Here is where the pizza peel comes in.

Most times I prefer using pizza steel to make pizza. I love it because it will add heat from below like in the case of an oven. 

Steel is economical to buy and work perfectly. Steel is most conducive compared to stones. Therefore, it transfers more heat, they are not easy to shatter, and are easy to clean.

How Is A Pizza Peel Used?

A pizza peel is used to transfer the raw pizza from the top where you are working into the oven and makes it easier to retrieve from the oven. 

Deploying pizza is hard and requires more practice. There is a specific technique to go about, the good thing is if you master the style you become a pro. 

It is important to dust the pizza stones to prevent sticking.

Tips To Prevent Pizza From Sticking To The Pizza Stone

I make sure to properly roll the pizza on the working space then go ahead and transfer it on the peel to add some toppings. 

Once placed on the peel it is necessary to work faster to avoid it getting stuck on the metal. Shaking the peel will ensure the pizza does not stick. 

In case it starts to stick, lift it on the edges, add some flour then proceed to shake.

Why Use A Pizza Peel At All?

Pizza peels have been around for many years and they derive from the days of wood-burning, brick pizza ovens.

On traditional pizza ovens, the fire area was a few feet away from the chef, forcing them to use a utensil that would allow them to reach back into the oven without burning themselves.

Just like that, the Pizza Peel was invented. 

Speaking of, wanna know the crazy history of the pizza cutter, check this out!

In more modern times, most home pizza chefs don’t have an 8ft tall brick oven for pizza, and therefore many home pizza chefs don’t truly need a pizza peel. 

But, like all hobbies and passions, some people go really deep into it, and others just get by with what they need. 

So, if you don’t have a pizza peel, let’s explore a few alternatives to use that work well too. 

If you feel like grabbing one, this is an excellent option that balances a great price with great quality that should last for years.

Alternatives To A Pizza Peel

1. Rimless cookie sheets

A cookie sheet is different from a baking sheet since it contains 1 raised edge while a baking sheet contains 4 raised edges allowing me to slide off the cookie easily. 

Cookie sheets work well also with pizza because a non-stick surface allows me to slide off the pizza in the oven cooking space.

2. Rimmed baking sheet flipped upside down.

I have to flip the pizza upside down since it contains 4 raised edges. It becomes more difficult to flip if I use a sheet with large raised edges. 

I recommend you use parchment paper or find the thinnest sheet.

3. Parchment paper

It is a disposable paper also called backing paper in some regions. Parchment paper is used to transfer the pizza without involving any flour mixture.

Once the dough is stretched, I transfer it onto the paper and place it directly on the rack containing pizza stones in the oven

I will need other equipment such as a pair of tongs, to retrieve the pizza to a plate since the paper will darken and become brittle once touched then dispose of the paper.

4. Chopping board

A cutting board that comes with a handle will work perfectly. I have to stretch my dough on the chopping board to fit the shape. 

A wooden chopping board is safer and preferable since a plastic board may melt when it touches the pizza stone.

Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it my fellow pizza fans. Whether you are a home cook pizza chef hobbyist or a die-hard pizza aficionado, a pizza peel is great to have but you don’t need a pizza peel to still use a pizza stone


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