5 Solo Stove Alternatives That Don’t Suck

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  • Date: September 6, 2023
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Looking for a Solo Stove alternative? You’re not alone. The Solo Stove has become one of the most popular smokeless fire pits on the market in recent years.

With its unique double-wall design that promotes air flow and full combustion, the Solo Stove virtually eliminates smoke while providing ample warmth and ambiance around a campfire or in your backyard.

However, while the Solo Stove is a great product, it’s not the only option available if you’re looking for a smokeless fire pit.

In this article, we’ll explore 5 alternatives that provide a similar smokeless experience without breaking the bank.

What Makes The Solo Stove Special?

Before diving into alternatives, let’s first look at what makes the Solo Stove so unique.

Solo Stove’s claim to fame is their patented double-wall design which pulls air through the bottom vents and preheats it between the walls before injecting it back into the fire from underneath.

This oxygenates the fire for full combustion while also reducing smoke. The sleek stainless steel construction also radiates heat efficiently while staying cool to the touch on the outside.

Solo Stoves are compact, lightweight, and easy to transport as well.

Solo Stove Models

The most popular models are the Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon. The Ranger is the most portable option at just 9 pounds and is designed for 1-2 people.

The Bonfire is larger for groups and weighs 20 pounds. Finally, the Yukon is the biggest model made for larger gatherings and weighs 38 pounds.

While not cheap, Solo Stoves burn very efficiently using little fuel and create an inviting ambiance anywhere you go.

Solo Stove Alternatives

Best Budget-Friendly Solo Stove Alternative: DIY Smokeless Fire Pit

If the $200+ price tag of a Solo Stove is holding you back, consider making your own DIY version. Though it requires some handiwork, you can create an efficient smokeless fire pit for a fraction of the cost.

The key is finding a durable stainless steel bowl, basket, or other container to use as your fire chamber.

Look for a stainless steel container that is roughly 8-12 inches deep to allow enough oxygen flow. You’ll also need some sturdy stainless steel legs or a stand so air can enter from underneath.

Make sure to have vents cut either at the bottom of the sides or in a ring around the bottom edge of the container to maximize air intake.

Elevating the fire pit off the ground and creating bottom vents allows cool air to be drawn into the bottom and heated between the walls, just like a Solo Stove.

Some people add a mesh screen under the container as well to prevent ash from falling out. For a top cooking surface, you can easily place any grill grate or cooking surface on top.

With some basic tools and materials from your local hardware store, you can construct a DIY smokeless fire pit for likely $50-75, saving you over $100 compared to name brand options.

While not as sleek, a DIY pit will burn just as cleanly and can be customized to your exact specifications. Plus, you can build it any size you want, unlike the limited sizes from Solo Stove.

Top-Rated Solo Stove Alternative: Breeo X Series Smokeless Fire Pit

If you want a ready-made smokeless fire pit alternative with great reviews, the Breeo X Series is an excellent choice. Breeo is a competitor known for their lineup of high-quality smokeless fire pits.

Like Solo Stove, Breeo uses double-wall stainless steel construction to produce a clean burn.

The X Series is their flagship model, made from 304 stainless steel and available in 19” and 24” sizes.

The X Series has a unique design with an extra air intake between the walls to improve airflow. This promotes full combustion, reducing smoke and creating less ash.

Designed to be portable, the 19” model weighs just over 20 lbs and the 24” model is 35 lbs.

Reviewers praise the X Series for its easy assembly, durable construction, and large cooking surface. It puts out plenty of heat without excessive smoke, perfect for camping or gathering around at home.

Compared to the similar-sized Bonfire model from Solo Stove, the X Series costs around $275, which is over $100 less. For great performance at a more affordable price, the Breeo X Series is an excellent smokeless fire pit to consider.

Most Versatile Solo Stove Alternative: Duraflame Smokeless Fire Pit

Another competitive smokeless fire pit comes from Duraflame, a trusted name in firewood and heating products.

The Duraflame Smokeless Fire Pit has a unique modular design that lets you customize it in different ways, making it more versatile than a standard fire pit.

The pit itself is a 21-inch stainless steel bowl with ventilation holes around the bottom edge. But what makes it adaptable is the set of four removable grill grates that stack over the fire.

You can use a grate as a standard cooking surface for grilling food over an open fire.

Or, remove a grate and use that area to load up wood logs for a bigger campfire. You can even remove all the grates and just have an open fire pit.

Weighing just 25 pounds, the Duraflame Smokeless Fire Pit is easy to transport for camping or tailgating while offering more flexibility.

Currently priced around $140, it’s also more affordable than both the Solo Stove and Breeo options. If you want the ability to customize your setup based on the situation, the Duraflame pit is a great choice.

Best Smokeless Insert Solo Stove Alternative: Pleasant Hearth Smokeless Fire Pit Insert

If you already have a masonry or metal fire pit built into your backyard that you love, another option is converting it into a smokeless fire pit with a special insert.

The Pleasant Hearth Smokeless Fire Pit Insert can be placed into existing wood burning fire pits to reduce smoke.

Constructed from durable 304 stainless steel, the insert features dual walls that allow air to circulate and reburn smoke.

This smokeless technology keeps the fire safely contained while eliminating excess smoke and ash. Built to last outdoors, the insert also radiates heat effectively once hot.

What makes the Pleasant Hearth insert convenient is its adjustable four-leg design.

You can customize the height and width to fit your existing fire pit dimensions, simply by rotating the swiveling legs. Once in place, just build your fire directly on the insert.

For fire pits ranging from 28” to 44” across, the Pleasant Hearth insert offers an easy way to make your current pit smokeless. Priced around $175, it’s also more affordable than a brand new solo stove.

Best for Large Groups Solo Stove Alternative: Endless Summer Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

All of the fire pits we’ve covered so far have been wood burning. If you prefer the convenience of gas, or need to accommodate larger gatherings, the Endless Summer 30” Outdoor Gas Fire Pit is an excellent smokeless choice.

As a gas fire pit, you don’t have to deal with chopping firewood or dumping ashes. Simply turn the control knob and this 30-inch stainless steel fire pit will ignite for instant ambiance.

The smokeless burner produces gorgeous flames without any mess, smells, or smoke.

This fire pit is larger than typical portable pits, providing ample space to surround with chairs. The 30-inch diameter can comfortably accommodate large groups of family and friends.

Integrated log racks on the inside edges let you arrange firewood over the flames for an authentic campfire feel.

And when not in use, the durable construction means you can leave it outside without any damage.

For effortless operation and big fire enjoyment, the Endless Summer Outdoor Gas Fire Pit is your best bet.

Though more expensive than smaller wood-burning models at around $300, the convenience and reliability of gas makes it perfect for frequent use.

Costco Option: Solo Stove Mesa 3-Pack

For the ultimate smokeless fire pit value, Costco offers an exclusive 3-pack of Solo Stove Mesa tabletop models.

This set includes three Mesa stainless steel fire pits along with stands, pellet adapters, and nylon carry bags – everything you need for portable smokeless fire.

At just 5.1” in diameter, the Mesa is Solo Stove’s most compact smokeless pit and perfect for individual use or cozy gathering around smaller campfires.

The set allows you to have one for yourself plus give two as gifts. The Mesa works with both wood and pellet fuel and is easy to take anywhere.

At around $175 for the entire 3-pack, this Costco exclusive deal provides impressive savings compared to buying Mesas individually direct from Solo Stove.

Are Smokeless Fire Pits Worth It?

Smokeless fire pits come at a higher cost than traditional open fire pits. Is the investment worth it for the added benefits? Here are some factors to consider:


Smokeless pits allow you to enjoy a campfire anytime without smoke bothering you or neighbors. This makes them more convenient and usable in more locations where smoke may be an issue.


The enclosed design containing the fire allows smokeless pits to be compact and portable for camping or tailgating. Open fire pits are less feasible to transport.


Smokeless technology helps contain sparks and embers that could fly out and start accidental fires. This makes them safer.


By burning the smoke as secondary fuel, smokeless pits require less total wood fuel for the same amount of heat. This makes them more efficient once lit.

For frequent campers or those who want to enjoy fire ambiance in their yard without smoke, the advantages of smokeless fire pits make them a worthy investment for many.

Considering their many benefits, the ability to use them more places, and time savings from efficient burns, smokeless fire pits can provide great return on investment for your outdoor leisure time.

Key Considerations When Comparing Smokeless Fire Pits

Now that we’ve covered 5 great alternatives to the Solo Stove, here are some key factors to consider when choosing which smokeless fire pit is right for you:


If you want to take your fire pit camping, tailgating, or to the beach, make sure to get one with handles that is compact and lightweight when portable models are necessary.


Consider how many people you plan to have around the fire pit and how much cooking surface area you need. Larger diameters accommodate more people.


Wood burning pits require more work but use free natural fuel. Gas pits are more convenient but require a propane tank. This comes down to personal preference.

Safety features

Make sure any wood-burning pit has adequate ventilation and is constructed from non-flammable stainless steel. Look for protective mesh screens and raised designs.


Smokeless fire pits can range from DIY models under $100 to $300+ for larger gas pits. Set a budget that matches the features you need.


The shape, construction, ventilation, and aesthetics all vary. Make sure to choose a look that fits your style.

Finding the right smokeless fire pit option comes down to weighing your specific needs and preferences.

Any of these 5 Solo Stove alternatives offer great performance in different ways to enhance your campfires and backyard family gatherings. Just decide what combination of features fits your situation best and you’re sure to enjoy cozy evenings around the smokeless flames.

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