About Pizza Informer

Pizza enthusiast and avid home cook, I live and breathe pizza.

With years of experience and experimentation, I have explored the many facets of pizza making, from backyard ovens to DIY brick ovens and countless hours in the kitchen perfecting crusts and unique topping combinations.

My passion for pizza knows no bounds, and I am dedicated to sharing my love and knowledge with the world through my pizza blog.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a pizza novice, my blog is the place for you. I have scoured the globe in search of the best techniques, ingredients, and equipment to bring you the ultimate pizza experience.

From traditional Neapolitan to creative twists, I have tried it all and can’t wait to share my discoveries with you. Join me on my journey as I continue to perfect the art of pizza making and share my love for this beloved dish. Let’s dive into the world of pizza together!