A Guide To Pizza Stones: Its all Answered Here

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  • Date: January 26, 2023
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If you’re looking to up your pizza game, investing in a pizza stone is a great way to do it. A pizza stone is a natural and porous slab, usually made out of ceramic, brick, cast iron, and even soapstone, that absorbs heat from the oven and radiates it back out into the crust.

What does this mean for you? Delicious restaurant-style pizza from your very own kitchen – who wouldn’t want that?!

Using a pizza stone can seem daunting, especially if it’s your first time, so I’m here to help. Here’s a quick guide to baking stones, how to use them, and where to find them for the best prices.

What are Pizza Stones Made of?

Like I mentioned before, pizza stones are usually made of ceramic, brick, cast iron, and even soapstone.

The stone absorbs intense heat and radiates it back out into the pizza pie while it’s baking, like a naturally occurring pizza oven. This helps to evenly cook the pizza dough, and increase the crispiness of the crust and cheese.

How Do You Prepare New Baking Stones?

For your first time using a pizza stone, you’ll want to prepare it before use. It’s important to know that, unlike other kitchen items, pizza stones should never be cleaned with soap and water.

The soap will absorb into the porous stone, leaving behind a soapy flavor the next time you use your pizza stone.

Instead, you’ll want to sprinkle baking soda or cornmeal on the stone and lightly scrub it with a stiff brush. As long as you don’t add any liquid, your pizza stone won’t absorb any unwanted flavors.

How Do You Use a Baking Stones?

Using a pizza stone is actually pretty simple. Once you’ve preheated your stone in the oven, dock the pizza dough using a fork and give it a good brushing of olive oil or butter.

This will help seal the flavor, and adds a little extra crunch and crispness for an authentic pizza shop experience.

Next, slide your pizza onto the stone and bake until crispy and golden. When you remove it from the oven, allow it to cool slightly. As with any oven dish, you don’t want to burn your hands off – safety first!

Where Can I Buy a Pizza Stone?

You can find a baking stone at most kitchen supply stores, as well as large chain stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Amazon and of course Wal-Mart. Depending on the size and type of stone you choose, the price can range from $10 to $150.

Pizza Stones Knowledge Base

When it comes to baking stones, you’ll need to choose a size and type you’re looking for. That said, all baking stones are essentially a thick slab of clay or ceramic that fits into your oven, which helps to evenly absorb and reflect heat to create a crispier crust on your pizza or other baked goodies.

Most pizza stones come in the round shape, while some may come in other shapes such as rectangular or square.

What you can Cook on a Pizza Stone Besides Pizza

The answer to the age-old question of “what can I cook on a baking stone besides pizza?” is: almost anything! A baking stone is perfect for baking bread, cookies, biscuits, pastries, and much more! Some cooks even love to cook on it and bake with bread dough, as it can help to create a more crispy crust.

The key to success when cooking on a baking stone is to pre-heat the stone before you put your food on it. This will ensure that food doesn’t stick, and that you get the desired texture for the food you’re cooking.

Grill Stones vs Pizza Stones

Grill stones, on the other hand, are specifically designed for cooking on grills. Grill stones are generally made from volcanic rock, which is able to maintain even temperatures when heated and absorb the flavors from the foods being cooked on it.

Grill stones are typically 7-10 inches square, and are ideal for cooking steaks, burgers, seafood and vegetables on the grill. Keep in mind that these stones need to be oiled every time you use them, as this will help them last longer!

Are pizza stones Grill safe? Yes! Pizza stones are safe to use on the grill, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to maintain the cooking temperature so that the stone doesn’t crack.

Before placing your pizza stone on the grill, pre-heat it to the desired temperature and then grease or oil the surface to prevent sticking. Finally, let the pizza cook on the stone for the designated amount of time before sliding the pizza onto a plate.

Final Bites

So, there you have it! Baking stones and grill stones are two different tools that can be used to create delicious meals.

Baking stones are great for baking pizza, bread, cookies and pastries in the oven, while grill stones are perfect for grilling steaks, seafood and vegetables on the grill. And yes, pizza stones can be safely used on the grill – just be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions!

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