How to Store Pizza Stones: 5 Simple Solutions

  • By: Mike
  • Date: July 18, 2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Looking for some simple, yet awesome pizza stone storage ideas? Well, buckle up my friends, it’s time to talk all things pizza stone storage!


A pizza stone is an important baking accessory without which your pizza can never be your best, it can be good, but a pizza stone just levels your pizza up a notch.

If you break or damage it, a replacement can be time-consuming and costly. Can you take your pizza stones casually? Certainly not! So what are the best storage ideas for pizza stones?

In the rush of daily life, we often forget where we have left a particular item in the kitchen. Sometimes, we leave the pizza stone on the countertop. 

This can lead to an accident such as the pizza stone inadvertently landing up in the sink and absorbing some soap (read more here on why that spells disaster).

Worse, it can fall from the countertop and break. What if it falls on your legs and hurts you? Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic now, but I guess it could.

In this post, I will walk you through some of the best storage ideas for pizza stones.

Why Is Pizza Stone Storage Important?

A pizza stone is a piece of ceramic or stone, which is prone to cracks and breaking. If you don’t store it properly, it can fall or get smashed by some other kitchen appliances. 

To avoid such sad incidents in your kitchen, you need to store your pizza stone safely. You need to find a proper place for the stone so that you don’t have to be worried about their safety all the time in the kitchen.

There is another important thing that many people may not be aware of or give enough thought to. Many people are so fond of baking foods that they have more than one and sometimes many baking stones. 

They use separate stones for muffins, bread, pizzas, and roasted foods. Naturally, storing all these baking stones can require some planning.

What I Learned About Pizza Stone Storage From A Pizza Chef

Once, I received a very interesting question from a friend. She asked for my suggestion on storing “a lot of” baking stones that she had.

Why do you have “a lot of” baking stones? Most people will have one or a maximum of two baking stones. Why do you need so many of them? If you have many baking stones, storing them safely is definitely going to be a problem.

Her reply was pretty nice and convincing. She got all these baking stones as gifts from her friends. She had told her friends that she loved baking and eating baked foods.

Her friends did the next best thing. They gifted her different kinds of baking stones on the first opportunity they got. Now, she would not part with any of these baking stones as she loved baking.

The problem was that her kitchen was small and it didn’t have proper storage space for the many pizza stones that she had.

As someone who loved baking and baked foods, her concern for the safety of the pizza stones was genuine.

How To Store Pizza Stones?

Every homemaker has his/her wisdom for things that they do. Sometimes, they use kitchen hacks and tips to overcome the problems they face while cooking. 

At other times, a more thought-out and organized approach is required. It’s the same with pizza stones. Given below are a few options for storing your pizza stones.

Manufacturers offer different storage options. My advice is to keep yours as dry as possible in the oven. These stones are prone to thermal shocks in cases of rapid temperature changes.

Storing a pizza stone in the oven when using it, brings about proper heat distribution, but at all times avoid placing it directly on the stone. 

I noticed that the addition of a cold stone to a hot oven causes it to crack, this has taught me to avoid taking it out of the oven.

I prefer storing my stone in the oven because it equalizes the heat. It minimizes the hot spots in the oven thus you don’t have to worry about temperature changes rising suddenly. 

The only disadvantage is that keeping it inside the oven for too long will prolong the preheating period.

Racks, Shelves and Cabinet Dividers

Some people keep their stones on any of the kitchen racks or shelves that can hold them safe. However, most of them seem to be using the lower rack or shelf for storing their baking stones.

Then, some people have a stronger variety of paper bag holders that’s fixed on the walls. These homemakers slip their baking stones in an appropriate slot in the holder. 

They remain securely away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen countertop. But you need to have a strong holder because baking stones are heavy.

Cabinet Dividers

Another very popular option is to use the kitchen cabinet. You can ask a handyman who, for a few bucks, may create proper dividers in the cabinet where you can put the heavy stones when they are not in use.

You can get as many dividers built as you need. 

While the divider can be made strong with the use of adhesive and screws, it is better that you put the pizza stone on the wall side of the cabinet. Here, your pizza stones will have a safe place to live in.

Leave it In the Oven

Many people leave the stone inside the oven. It’s practical also as the stone is too heavy to safely remove it from the oven and store it elsewhere after every use. 

Letting the stone inside the oven helps the temperature even out. Some people use the drawer of the oven to store the stone.

If you have just one stone, leaving it in the oven is a safe option. But if you have different stones for BBQ grill and solar ovens, you may need separate storing spaces for them.

My Chef Buddy Just Tosses It In The Cabinet

My friend who had a pizza stone, a stone muffin pan, 2 bread pans, 2 cookie sheets, and a roaster flanked with a lid chose to install wooden dividers in the kitchen cabinet. 

She says she uses all of these stones and the cabinet dividers offer a perfect spot to store them.

A Quick Look At Pizza Stone Safety

A baking stone cooks more evenly and holds the food longer than a metal griddle. Most people will use a stone to bake pizza because it can give the base of the pizza that irresistible crust that’s hard to achieve in metal girdles. 

Muffins and bread when baked on stone have more evenly baked. Stones brown the crust much better. Stone roasters cook more evenly as they hold the heat.

Well, when you bake on the stone, the heat permeates the food slowly, baking it in a more wholesome and natural manner. 

Similarly, when you turn off the heat, the stone is still hot for a long time making your recipe well baked. When you cook on the stone, there is little chance of it getting burnt.

Stones in the oven keep the heat trapped in its pores and body for a long time. This ensures your food in the oven is warm and its flavors have not dissipated.


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