Ooni vs Roccbox Pizza Oven: We Have A Winner

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  • Date: June 15, 2021
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Hello, my fellow pizza fans! In this article, we are going to make a comparison between Ooni Pro and Roccbox pizza ovens. We will compare these two pizza ovens based on several factors such as sizes offered and the type of fuels used. 

Then, at the end of the article, you will get the best recommendation based on the factors discussed in the article.

Hence, it’s highly recommended that you read this article until the end if you’re not sure of which pizza oven to buy. With that being said, let’s get right into the article!


Some of the best things that Ooni Pizza Oven have made it so attractive to most customers is that it offers a wide variety of sizes that allow the customers to choose the one with a better capacity.

This wide variation in sizes would enable them to cook more pizza simultaneously, saving time and fuels. 

That explains why some people tend to choose the Ooni pizza oven over the Gozney Roccbox, as the Ooni Pro pizza oven features a wider design that allows you to cook a 16-inch pizza, whereas the Roccbox only allows you to cook a maximum of 12-inch pizza at once.

The Ooni Pro pizza oven also allows you to cook your pizza in 1 minute as it reaches an extremely high cooking temperature in just 15 minutes. 

This means that you can easily cook two pizzas in a matter of minutes. On top of that, the bigger size of the Ooni Pro also helps you to cook other types of foods that require more space, such as vegetables and roast meats.


Most of the pizza ovens made by Ooni may be fueled by multiple types of fuel such as chunks of wood, charcoal, gas burner, and wood pellets. As for the Roccbox pizza ovens, you may only use two types of fuels which are wood and gas. 

However, please keep in mind that the gas burners and the wood pellets firebox are sold separately, so make sure that you have access to these things before you decide to buy the pizza oven.

Due to the fact that you can use multiple types of fuel for your Ooni pizza oven, you have more flexibility when it comes to the type of fuel that you can use.

However, it’s worth noting the fact that both of these ovens provide outstanding temperature control, insulation, as well as pizza stones.

Overall Design

The overall design of Ooniand Roccbox pizza ovens are clearly different from one another, and each offers a different set of benefits to the customers.

The Ooni Pro pizza oven has a wider base with short metal legs suitable for cooking a bigger pizza. 

The bigger size of the firebox means that although you can easily cook a bigger pizza, it’s also quite difficult for you to transport it from one place to the other.

The Roccbox pizza oven, on the other hand, features an elevated dome with long metal legs. Due to the external silicone cladding, this pizza oven is offered in two colors which are green and grey. 

This design makes it easy for you to carry it around, but it also limits the maximum size of pizza that you can cook. Hence, if you need to cook a bigger pizza, it’s best to just go with the Ooni pizza oven.

Apart from that, both of these ovens also include a built-in thermometer that helps you monitor the oven’s temperature. However, it’s highly recommended that you invest some of your money to get a high-quality infrared thermometer. 

By doing this, not only you get to avoid overcooking your pizza, but you will also get a reading with a higher level of accuracy.


Both of these two pizza ovens are portable and can be easily transferred from one place to the other. Although the Ooni pizza oven might be harder to carry around due to its wide firebox, it’s totally worth it if you need to cook a bigger pizza. 

Regarding the portability level, the Roccbox pizza oven has a better portability level compared to that of Ooni’s.

This is due to the long metal legs of the ovens, which can be folded underneath it as well as the overall size of the oven itself which is quite small compared to the Ooni pizza ovens. 

Apart from that, the Roccbox pizza ovens also feature a lightweight design that makes it easy for you to carry them around. 

If you’re looking for a small pizza oven that is easier to transport from one place to the other, then this oven is for you; otherwise, it’s recommended to buy the Ooni pizza ovens instead.

The Winner

The best pizza oven is gonna have to go to the Ooni Pro as it gives you the freedom to cook almost anything that you need, and it’s not only limited to pizza. 

Ooni Pro is suitable for long-term use as it is highly durable and has a high capacity to serve your cooking needs. The additional cooking space available means that you can roast your beef meat, veggies and pizza in under an hour.

Besides that, you can also save your time as you can cook a lot of foods at once compared to the Roccbox pizza oven that has only a small space for you to place your foods. 

On top of that, the Ooni pizza oven can also reach up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit in approximately 20 minutes, which means that you can literally cook your pizza in a faster time.

Next, the multiple fuel option that the Ooni Pro has also helps you use other fuel types, which allows you to use any fuels that you prefer. It’s vital to note that the Ooni Pro is the brand’s top model, which means that it’s the best pizza oven that is currently available on the market. 

Hence, if you need a pizza oven that could handle a higher load, cooks faster, and has a beautiful design, then you should get yourself an Ooni Pro as it helps you to meet all of your cooking needs.

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