Does Pizza Get Delivered To Hotels?

  • By: Mike
  • Date: June 7, 2021
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Can you get pizza delivery to a hotel? Let’s sort that out here as it’s not as quick of an answer as you may have thought and I have some tips from my personal experience on how to get the BEST pizza at ANY hotel you stay at. 


It’s time for some pizza. You’ve got a hankering and you want to fix it. The only problem is, you’ve found yourself in a hotel for the evening and you have absolutely no idea whether it’s even possible to get a pizza delivered to you. How will they know where to find you? Will the hotel staff even accept it? So many questions and so little time to fill that hungry tummy!

Don’t worry though, I’m here to help and I’ll be answering the question for you today. If you want a quick summary, yes, pizza does get delivered to hotels. It’s that simple. Actually, that’s a lie. It can be a little more complicated than that, but I’m going to talk you through all that I know about getting pizza delivered to hotels.

Pizza Chains Love Hotels

If you’ve never had to order a pizza at a hotel before then you might not realize this, but pizza chains are just as happy to deliver to hotels as they are your home. They’ll even deliver to a local business reception if that’s where you’re ordering it for. They do not mind, as long as they’re getting orders through!

All major chains, like Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and Dominos will be more than ready to deliver to your hotel, as long as you’re within the delivery distance! In fact, you’ll probably find that they’ve delivered to your hotel so often that half of the drivers wouldn’t even need to put it into their system to try and locate it.

Just because you might not have done it before doesn’t mean that no one else will. I must say, I think I’ve ordered more food to my hotel than I ever have actually eaten at my hotel. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the hotel food that’s on offer… I just really, really, really like pizza!

What About Local Pizza?

Even if you’re not opting for a larger chain, you’ll be happy to learn that plenty of local pizza places are content to deliver right to your hotel as well. I’ve actually ordered from local places a great deal more than I have from major chains while I’ve been staying overnight in a hotel and they’re always happy to bring it to the reception or further if they’re allowed.

Don’t hesitate to contact them if you’ve heard of a really grand local place that you’re just too eager to try! However, if you’re new to the area or you simply don’t know much about the local surroundings, you’ll want to figure out where the best places to eat are. This helps me segue on to my next point, all to do with asking those all-important questions to find the most amazing pizza for you!

Hotel Staff Know the Secret Spots

If you’re unsure as to who you can order from or what pizza places there are in the local area, then it’s a good idea to start asking the hotel staff. Pop down to reception and ask them which places do delivery to the hotel, you might be surprised by their answers. I’ll admit I had no idea what the local places I had ordered from were before. I only ordered them from the recommendation of the hotel staff after some questioning. I couldn’t have been happier with the result!

Hotel staff members are there to help, and that includes helping you make a decision on which local delivery place you might want to shop at. They are usually locals themselves so they’ll have all the inside knowledge of where to shop to get the best pizza around. While Pizza Hut is fantastic in itself, it might be a little local place you would never have considered if it weren’t for a staff recommendation.

Don’t be nervous to ask them about it or feel like you’re insulting them by not having dinner service with the hotel directly. They’ve probably been asked the question so many times that they’ll be able to answer it on auto-pilot. If anything, it probably makes a refreshing change to just being asked about pizza for dinner rather than having to face yet another angry customer about something petty or another.

Hotel Policy

While you’re asking the hotel staff about the pizza places around that do deliver to their place of work, it’s a good time to check what their policy is for delivery too. I have yet to find a hotel that doesn’t accept deliveries. The only difference I’ve noticed in my stays is sometimes you’re allowed to receive the order straight to your door and other times you have to pick it up from reception.

Every hotel has a different policy that can be based on customer welfare and safety or other things that come into question. It’s a good idea to check with them first. They’ll appreciate you doing this, rather than ordering a pizza straight to your room, only to find out that the delivery man got stopped at reception and told to go no further.

Even if you haven’t had a chance to ask, you should let your pizza delivery driver know that they’re coming to a hotel and to wait at reception. It’s just polite if you’re unsure what the policy is. Once they arrive, they’ll be able to inform the receptionist themselves about their delivery and it’s up to the receptionist whether they send them straight to your room or call you down to come and take it from them.

Oh, and if you plan on waking up the next day and eating that pizza you left out the night before, you may want to read up on the risks of eating left out pizza. Read more here.

-Guy who made this mistake before


That’s pretty much all there is to say about getting pizza delivered to your hotel. You’ll be happy to know that it’s easy to do and it’s incredibly pain-free as well. While some hotels have a different collection or delivery policies in place, you’ll find most of the hard work will usually be sorted out by the attentive hotel staff, or the arrival of the delivery man.

Either way, you’re in good hands from the moment you send out your order to the moment it arrives at your hotel. Don’t worry about anything! Just get that order in!


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