How To Transport Pizza: From Bikes To Cars

  • By: Mike
  • Date: June 4, 2021
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Looking for ways to transport a pizza? From methods to transport on bikes and motorcycles to keeping a pizza hot on long trips, let’s chat about how to transport a pizza!

Everyone loves pizza! How can you not? It’s such fantastic food that is readily available at a moment’s notice. All you’d have to do is open up a local delivery app or pop to a supermarket and you’ll see them just about everywhere! Pizza is great.

But have you ever wondered about how we actually transport pizza around from place to place? I know I have. There’s more that goes into it than you might realize.

As you’re going to want to look after the integrity of the pizza as you travel with it, it’s important to understand how best to get it from point A to point B. I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty miffed if my pizza came in a state that looked like it had been sat on (ask me how I know).

Pizza Box Itself

The first step used for most pizzas to be safely taken on their adventures is in a box. It’s common knowledge that pizzas are circular, yet they come in square boxes.

Why is that? It’s actually easy enough to explain. The square box basically gives the pizza plenty of room to sit without being too tightly packed, while the circular edges of the pizza that touch the corners prevent it from moving around to randomly during transit.

Containers From Your House 

When you might want to make your own journey with some leftover pizza, you’ll have to think about exactly how you’ll contain it to minimize damage to the toppings.

It follows much the same theory as the square pizza box does, although you might not have a typical pizza box on hand. Usually, you’ll find yourself transporting slices rather than the whole thing, so you’ll want to have it in a box that fits the dimensions nicely. Most plastic containers have plenty of wiggle room for this exact need.

Thermal Food Bags Are Best

A particularly new idea involved in the transportation of pizza is that of thermal food bags. You can either have these at home, or your local delivery service will use them to deliver your pizza to you.

Basically, it’s a deep bag, of a large enough size to fit a pizza or two, that works on keeping the heat on, so as not to arrive at your destination with a measly cold pizza. I’ve had a cold pizza delivered before, and I can’t say I was best pleased.

Transporting Pizza on Bikes, Motorcycles and Cars

Most delivery services don’t specify how your delivery boy or girl will actually arrive at your house. Most of them opt to travel on a bike or a motorcycle and it’s a good idea to know what methods they use to keep your pizza hot and presentable.

If you’ve seen a delivery driver ride past you before, you might have noticed a rather large, cube-shaped bag on the back of their vehicle.I always wondered how the food delivery folks got this done in major metropolitans where traffic is too tight to make a timely delivery. Where in the world do they put that pizza on a bike or even a motorcycle?

They pretty much use a crate mounted on the back-end of the motorcycle to ensure that the pizza goes through very little movement during transportation.

It’s actually a very intuitive way to handle the problem that motorcycles used to bring up. They can be very choppy and it’s hard to know where to put the pizza to keep it in its best condition. Now with these crates, you’ll find your pizza is perfect when it arrives.

The same can be said for regular bikes as well. If anything, you’d think they’re even harder to look after your pizza.

Most of your attention is focused on staying upright while riding a bike, and your hands are generally on both handles, making holding on to a pizza box a monumental chore (unless you can ride no handed, but I can’t, so I’m pretending you can’t too!).

Bikes use racks at the back, just like motorcycles but generally smaller in size. This rack aims to keep the pizza box from being bashed around while cycling down your street.

You’ll be surprised how many delivery people now opt to travel by bike rather than a motorized vehicle. Every time I’ve had one arrive at my door, I’m still impressed with the perfect state I find my pizza in! All thanks to those racks too. Who’d have thought!

Here is a great example of a DIY Bike rack that perfectly fits pizza boxes on it. It was made by a food delivery bike rider who needed a solution for delivering pizza on a bike.

DIY Bike Rack For Pizza Transport

When I was researching this, I found that Dominos is ahead of the game and has started making motorized bikes with large thermal containers built onto the rear bike rack. Gotta say, this is pretty cool, check it out!


Hopefully, I’ve cleared up a couple of the ways you can use yourself to transport pizza safely from place to place. Whether you’re a delivery driver yourself or a humble neighbor, looking to deliver homemade pizza to their friends, I’m sure these methods can apply to you! Ever think of eating raw pizza dough? Read this FIRST.


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